Cleaning & Maintenance

Toms Furniture Installers is equipped to steam clean your products. We utilize an industry-quality steam cleaning machine for all of your fabric cleaning needs, ranging from dirty partitions, chairs, and seating.

Furniture Care

Cleaning & Maintenance

Your new or existing office furniture, flooring, and cubicles are both a valuable asset to your company and a part of your brand image. As such, they should be protected in order to extend their life.

TFI offers a variety of services to help you protect your investment and keep your furnishings looking fantastic for years to come. Scuff marks, dings, scratches, tears and dents are all to be expected in the daily efforts of your staff. We can provide refinishing, touch-up work, upholstery repair or replacement, furniture repainting, as well as deep textile cleaning of cubicle walls and carpets using our environmentally-friendly CFR system.

Our cleaning and refurbishing techniques can save you money and keep your workplace looking clean and comfortable for years to come.

In addition, we have experience offering professional cleaning for post-disaster events such as from fire, smoke, or flood damage.

Please call us to discuss your specific needs.