Project Management

TFI has the expertise to provide you with superior project management capabilities. We will provide you with project management from conception to completion. We will meet with you in the preliminary stages, find out what your needs are, research your options, and present you with the choices to fit your budget. We have a professional Project Management team to ensure your project is handled worry-free with the utmost professionalism. We will work closely with all of the personnel involved in the project to ensure that the project is coordinated, ordered, delivered, and installed just the way you want it.

 Listed below are some examples of the services we provide:

Attend related meetings Provide up to date customer acknowledgements
Coordinate delivery and installation schedules Verify all vendor acknowledgements
Create and review installation plans in advance Verify specifications, materials and finishes
On site supervision during installation
Prepare all orders for order entry
Provide periodic updates to team on project status …and more!